Betel leaves Health Tips

Health Benefits of Betel Leaves

Betel leaves are very well known for their health benefits, they are also used in different treatments like Ayurveda, Chinese treatment and so on. From treating short term problems like constipation, headache, cough, back pain to chronic disorders like diabetes, skin disorders and so on betel leaves works very efficiently.

Betel leaf is a vine leaf, its binomial name is piper betle and it belongs to piperaceae family. In India its history dates back 400BC. It is commonly used in Asian countries. The word betel is obtained from Malayalam word vettila. Betel leaf is a green coloured glossy heart shaped leaf and has many remedial values. In India it is used in prayers, religious ceremonies and also consumed as paan (used as mouth freshener). Betel is an aromatic creeper easily grown in homes.

Betel Leaves Benefits :

Betel leaves are very beneficial to health, it is full of vitamins and health healing benefits. It contains important vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene. It also contains calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, iodine, minerals and also saturated fats. Betel leaves are known for its curative factors for centuries and also used in treating various diseases. Betel leaves are highly efficient in treating various ailments and used in the treatment of several diseases. Betel leaves in Chinese treatment are used in treating various disorders and are believed to have detoxification, antioxidant and anti mutational properties. Betel leaves are also used in ancient Ayurvedic treatments to heal many illnesses.

Betel Leaves for Better Health :

Chewing betel leaves is a tradition in India from thousands of years. Betel leaves treats almost all commonly faced ailments like headache, stomach pain, ear infections, insect bites, cold,cough, wounds and indigestion. Betel leaves health benefits are numerous, are also good for skin, it treats pimples and other skin problems. Consuming betel leaves improves digestion and appetite. Betel leaves are good for dental problems; they treat bleeding gums, prevent teeth damage and also treat bad breath. Betel leaves act as natural pain killers, we can chew or drink betel leaves juice or can also apply its paste on the areas where we have pain to get relief from pain. Betel leaves are beneficial for both man and women. Betel leaves benefits all age groups.

How Betel Leaves are more helpful to Avoid Health issues

Betel leaves with unmatched remedial properties are very supportive to avoid numerous health issues. Some important benefits of betel leaves include
Treats constipation- by just chewing or drinking its juice on empty stomach treats constipation problems.
Treats respiratory problems- it treats cold, cough, chest congestion, lung congestion and also breathing problems.
Treats diabetes- betel leaves contain anti diabetic properties and are known to control glucose levels in the body.
Treats ulcers- betel leaves have gastro protective properties and control and treats gastric ulcers.
Helps to lose weight- betel leaves increase metabolic rate and helps in losing weight. It also treats obesity problems.
Treats boils- in Ayurveda betel leaves are also used to treat boils which are also known as furuncle.
Betel leaves have immunity boosting properties, anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti cancer properties. Betel leaves promotes liver function and also treats many other health issues like diarrhea, erectile dysfunction, vaginal discharge, nerve disorders, sore throat and also has antiseptic properties.