Cell Phone Health Tips

Risk Factors of Using Cell Phone at Late Night

Usage of cell phones at late nights have severe negative impact on health and causes headache, eye problems, sleeping disorders and many more. Using cell phone before going to bed or late night make it difficult to sleep and causes problems regarding mental health, emotional disturbance and mood swings. People who use cell phones late night have poor mental health, hangover in the next morning and low productivity when compared to those who do not use cell phones before going to bed. Major risk factors of using cell phones at late night are mental health, poor sleeping habits and emotional disturbances.

With the development of technology cell phones and mobile phone users have increased and become global circumstance in the present generation. Majority of people are addicted to cell phones and became crucial part of life. Though cell phones are very beneficial for people, it also has some harmful effects if not used properly or used continuously. Cell phones are very useful for communicating, video calls, to take pictures and for several other functions, but excess use of cell phones is harmful and have adverse effects on physical, mental and social health. Cell phones are very addict able and disturb education, work, time, money, relations, eye sight, postures and health in many ways.Mobile Phone Usage

Mental Health :

People who use their cell phones at late night face many health problems like poorer mental health, low self esteem and behavioural changes. It effects over all well being. People who use cell phones are at higher risk of developing stress both on body and mind. They have symptoms of poor mental health like anxiety, depression, aggressiveness, fatigue and low esteem. Both men and women face these symptoms if they are addicted to using cell phones late night. Using cell phones at late night affects lifestyle, relationship with family members and work. Radiations from cell phones cause serious health diseases and memory of individuals. In children usage of cell phones at late night effects their memory, growth and education. It also leads to hormonal problems due to mental and physical stress and disorders.

Poor sleeping habits :

Using cell phones, other gadgets like tablets and computers impact sleep quality of people. Late night usage of cell phones directly causes poor sleep habits and increases psychosocial issues. Using phones late night may be like a simple thing for people who use it but it affects sleep and health in many ways than they understand. The lights on the screens of cell phones affect and prevent the production of melatonin hormone which controls your sleep and wake cycle and promotes sleep. Poor sleeping habits due to usage of cell phones or tablets or computers causes hangover in the next day and affects your performance and productivity at school and work.

Emotional disturbance :

Late night usage of cell phones lead to several disorders including emotional disturbances. People using electronic gadgets get adversely affected and it results in poor performance, lack of concentration, interest, inability to build relationships and also face confidence issues. People gets emotionally disturbed and fails to build and maintain relationship with family, peer group and others.