Cool Drinks Health Tips

Effects of Cool Drinks in Human Life

Cool drink is a drink or beverage which contains carbonated water, sweetener, and flavours (natural or artificial). Natural flavours are the extracts of fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, and other plant sources. Artificial flavours are the chemical mixtures that resemble natural flavours in some way. Cool drinks are also called soft drinks, cold drinks, soda pop and simply drinks. Cool drinks are served cold or chilled. Cool drinks are usually non-alcoholic beverages, sometimes may contain small amount of alcohol content. Cool drinks are available in many sizes, varieties and in different packaging formats like cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and tins. Some varieties of cool drinks include diet, low calorie, mid calorie, regular, caffeinated and caffeine free. Cool drinks are very popular and their consumption is increasing day by day. Fruit juices, tea, coffee and milk are not treated as cool drinks.

The origins of cool drinks and history can be seen back in ancient times. In 17th century first marketed soft drink appeared, it was made of honey, lemon and water. Vendors carried barrels containing this lemonade on their backs and sold to the people. Later in 18th century Joseph Priestly introduced carbonated drinks. He discovered a method of infusing water with carbon dioxide to make carbonated water and later flavours were introduced to water.
Manufacturing process of cool drinks include 4 steps like clarifying the water, mixing the ingredients, carbonating the drinks or beverages and filling and packaging in different formats and quantities. Cool drinks are gaining popularity due to the several factors like they are tasty, they are easily available and convenient, cheap, caffeine addiction and because of their advertisements and promotions.

Soft Drinks Impact on Health :

Cool drinks are high in calories and sugar content with zero nutritional values. Cool drink contains kilojoules, acids, potassium citrate and high sodium which are dangerous and causes several health problems. Drinking cool drinks can lead to side effects and lifelong health problems like
Weight gain and obesity– Soft drinks are high in calories and kilojoules which lead to weight gain and obesity. Drinking soft drinks and sodas causes overweight in children.
Diabetes– High sugar content drinks increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. High calorie drinks and weight gain increase the risk of diabetes.
High risk of cancer– Chemical or artificial flavours used in cool drinks causes cancer. Increase risk of some types of cancers like pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.
Increase risk of heart diseases– Regular consumption of soft drinks increase the risk of heart attack. High sugar content and calorie food increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Damage liver and joints– High intake of sugary beverages leads to fatty liver and causes liver damage. Fructose and uric acid present in cool drinks causes inflammation and damages joints.
Dental problems– Cool drinks contain acids (phosphoric and carbonic acid) and chemicals (chelators) which are harmful to our teeth and causes tooth decay. Soft drinks dissolve and damage our tooth enamel.
Fizzy drinks causes some other side effects like increase risk of Alzheimer’s, premature aging, damages kidney, osteoporosis, high BP, effects menstrual cycle and increases risk of dementia.