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As we all know diabetes is a chronic condition, where people have abnormal glucose levels in the body which steer to several other health problems like stress, skin problems, foot ulcers, cracked heels, kidney disorders and so on. Many people have several queries and confusions on diabetes like, does it affect children or on food intake etc. In this article let us discuss a little about few myths and facts of diabetes.

Myths and Facts about Diabetes

Can children get affected with diabetes?

Yes, though it is distressing, children also get affected with diabetes. Diabetes seen in children is called as juvenile diabetes. It is believed that type 1 diabetes is common among children. In this condition their pancreas does not produce enough insulin which leads to high sugar levels. Type 1 diabetes among children can be caused due to several factors like immune system disorders, genetics and family history. Several people in long run face severe effects of diabetes on eyes, legs, kidneys and nerves.

Type 2 diabetes is also seen in children now a days. This type is less common when compared to type 1. In this type children’s body does not use the insulin well. This type 2 diabetes in children is mainly caused due to factors like genetics, overweight, bad diet and also family history. Lack of physical activities along with high calorie intake is the main reason for type 2 diabetes in children.

Myths and facts about diabetes

There are several myths and facts about diabetes like

  • Myth– Diabetic people should avoid eating sugar
  • Fact– It is a fact that diet rich in sugar can raise your calorie intake and raise the risk of obesity and this should be avoided by people with diabetes. They should take everything in balanced amount and sugar also in moderate amount.
  • Myth– Diabetics should avoid fruits
  • Fact– People with diabetes can eat few fruits as they contain fibre and other nutrients which are very useful for health. They should take fruits in moderate amounts and also should avoid fruit juices. Few types like banana, custard apple, mango and others which are high in sugars should be avoided.
  • Myth– Children who are overweight and have lots of sugars/sweets develop diabetes
  • Fact– Both overweight and high intake of sugar can raise your risk of diabetes, as they both are risk factors. But it is not true that only these two causes diabetes in children.
  • Myth– Childhood diabetes can be fully treated
  • Fact– It is not true, diabetes is a chronic condition which cannot be fully treated or avoided. Type 1 diabetes is the most commonly seen type of diabetes among children, in this type the Beta cells of pancreas which produce insulin gets destroyed and they cannot be fully treated. Whereas, children with type 2 diabetes can control severe effects of diabetes to some extent with the help of strict diet, physical exercises and lifestyle changes.
  • Myth– People with diabetes can’t play sports.
  • Fact– It is not true, diabetics can actively participate in several sports and do exercises. Healthy eating and lifestyle are very crucial and there are several sport persons with diabetes and are doing a great job.