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Winter is the coldest season of the year where days are short and nights are longer. Winter with cold breeze and dry air brings several health problems. Especially children and elders are at an increased risk of several health problems. In winter the weather is hot in the mornings and the temperature gradually falls in the evenings. This is the time of the year where we have low immunity system and get easily attacked by several illnesses. One should take special care to avoid winter illnesses like cold, flu, allergies, infections, asthma and several others.

Winter Season

Health Problems in Winter

Here is the list of few common health problems in winter

Cold weather in winter acts as the main trigger of asthma in asthmatics. Children and elders are more prone to develop asthma attack during cold weathers. Cold weather and dry air inflames the airways and narrows the tubes. Thick mucus is formed in the inflamed airways and further leads to breathing disorders. People with asthma fail to warm their breath before reaching longs in cold weathers and the cold air irritates the airways. People with asthma prefer to stay indoors during cold weathers which increase their risk of allergies and triggers asthma attack.

Cold weather in winter increases the risk of heart attack. People with heart problems need to take extra care in cold weathers. In cold weathers our heart works harder to keep our body warm and this increases pressure on heart. Cold weathers also increase BP levels in the body which further increases pressure on body. People with heart problems need to take extra care in winter and wear woollen clothes and others to keep their body warm.

Most of the people face depression in winter which is called as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Depression is a mood disorders raised due to lack of exposure to sunlight. People can get through this condition by getting some sunlight. People in winter stays indoors to avoid cold weathers which reduce their exposure to sunlight and makes them feel low and depressed.

People with arthritis face severe joint pains in the cold weather. Joint pain in winter is caused mainly due to increased barometric pressure. This barometric pressure increases stress on your joints and leads to joint stiffness and pain.

  • Viral Infections

People are at a high risk of developing viral infections like cold and flu during cold weather. The dry air in winter makes it easy for the flu virus to survive and transmit easily from person to another. In winter people generally have low immunity and are at an increased risk of developing several viral infections.

Along with these people also face several other problems in winter like hair fall, skin disorders like psoriasis, sinusitis, sore throat and others.

Homeopathy for Winter Season

Homeopathy treatment works very well in treating several health problems of winter season. Homeopathy prevents several illnesses by improving immunity and self healing of the body. Homeopathy uses natural remedies to treat several winter problems. Homeopathy along with treatment also provides safety health tips for winter. These homeopathy tips for winter season include diet tips, exercises and others which are safe and side effects free. Homeopathy winter tips helps to prevent several illnesses and improve immunity.