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Arrival of smart phones entirely changed each and every aspect of our lives. They are controlling and affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally. Along with its huge list of advantages, smart phones also have some adverse side effects on our health like they increase our risk of neck pain, stress, depression, vision problems, sleeping disorders and several others. Especially using cell phones at nights have some serious affects on your life.

Smart Phone

Smart Phone Effects

Smart phones are everywhere now a days and became unavoidable part of our day to day life. From children to elders everyone have a smart phone and spend more time in front of these electronic digital screens. There are several uses of smart phones, they keep you connected with world by providing information. Smart phones changed the way we lived, we mostly depend on smart phones for performing all our day to day activities. From shopping to shipping, these smart phones assist us in each and every area. Along with these benefits, smart phones have some significant side effects and also danger our health. It affects our eyes, ears, neck, back, sleep and mind. It is also believed that carrying the mobiles in pocket can lead to infertility problems in men.

Why smart phone is dangerous

Excess usage of smart phones can be dangerous, as it increases our risk of several health problems like

  • Back and neck problems– people spend most of their time bending over their smart phone screens. This increases pressure on back, spine and neck and leads to pain and other posture problems.
  • Poor sleep– using smart phones late at night can lead to problems with sleep. The blue light from mobile screens affects your sleep and leads to problems like headache, memory problems, stress and etc.
  • Increase infections– do you know your smart phones are dirtier than a toilet seat. Ur smart phones have 10 times more bacteria, it increases the risk of bacterial infections.
  • Eye problems– looking at your smart phone screens continuously can increase your risk of eye problems. The blue light coming from the screens can damage retina and lead to eye sight problems.
  • Makes you physically inactive– people who spend more time in front of their phones are becoming physically inactive and are increasing their risk of health issues like weight gain.
  • Exposure to radiation– continuous exposure to radiation from cells can increase the risk of cancers. It is also believed that men who keep their phones in their pockets are at an increased risk of infertility due to the radiation, as the radiation can reduce your sperm count.
  • Increases accidents– using your phones while driving and crossing the roads increase your risk of accidents. Using smart phones till late nights disturbs your sleep and when people drive without proper sleep, it increases their risk of accidents.

Steps to avoid problems

You can avoid the adverse affects of smart phones by reducing the usage of your phones. Stay active with your family and friends by leaving your phones behind. Keep your mobiles away from your bed rooms and try not to use your mobiles in leisure times instead go for a walk.