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Hair is a protein strand that develops from follicles found on the skin. Hair is the significant and most important feature of beauty for both men and women. Hair improves personality, self confidence, self esteem, well being and also gives attractive image. In women hair is related to beauty and youthfulness and in men it is associated with manhood and manliness. Hair is the most visible and noticeable part, it can improve or reduce one’s attractiveness. Hair plays an important role in different societies and cultures. Hair fall is the leading problem faced by many individuals. It is due to poor diet, changes in lifestyle, stress, environment, pollution, hormonal changes and many other conditions. Taking good care of your hair is very important to possess healthy, long and bouncy hair. Proper hair care helps to avoid hair damages and to control hair loss. Taking care of your hair and scalp is very important to avoid scalp infections, hair problems and hair loss. Seasonal changes play a crucial role in hair fall and growth. Seasonal changes affect hair and skin; it is suggested to take care of your hair during changes in seasons.

Hair care tips in Monsoon :

Excessive humidity during Monsoon causes hair damage in many people. Hair become dry, rough and damaged during monsoon season. Rain water or getting wet in rains is not good for hair as rain water contains dirt and are acidic which damages your hair. Pollutants present in rain water leads to fungal infections on scalp, it damages roots and provoke hair fall. Here are some useful hair tips one should follow during monsoon to protect hair or to control damage and hair fall
Keep hair dry :
It is essential to keep your hair dry in monsoon. Getting wet in rain can cause damage to your hair. One should wash hair after returning home and let it dry to avoid scalp infections caused due to rain water.
Drink plenty of water :
Drink plenty of water as water helps to remove toxins from our body. Drink more water to eliminate hair fall in monsoon. People face dehydration problems in monsoon, dehydration also causes hair loss. It is important to be hydrated to avoid hair loss.
Wash your hair with mild shampoo :
Wash your hair with mild shampoo twice a week for a healthy scalp. Getting wet in rain leads to dandruff, itchy scalp, fungal and bacterial infections of scalp, to avoid damage to hair it is essential to wash your hair immediately after getting drenched in rain.
Hot oil massage :
Massage you hair with warm oil, it is very good for hair in monsoon. It improves moisture in hair and gives deep conditioning.
Eat healthy :
Eating healthy, good amount of protein, vitamins and mineral rich food is very important for healthy, shining and bouncy hair. Intake of healthy diet strengthens hair follicles and reduce hair lose. Avoid junk food, it leads to thinning of hair and hair damage.
Some other tips in monsoon :

  • Avoid hair styling
  • Avoiding hair tying
  • Using water proof jackets and hoodie
  • Applying conditioner to hair
  • Using wide toothed comb
  • Do not share comb
  • Do not comb wet hair
  • Cut your hair if it is too long.