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Winter is here and most of us want to stay indoor and be warm. But do you know exercises and work outs in winter gives us many health benefits like improving immunity and makes you strong. Engaging yourself in physical activities is very crucial in colder months. You will burn more calories in winter than any other season, this is because our body also tries very hard to regulate normal temperature.

Homeopathy works very effectively in dealing with winter problems like cold, flu and others by improving immunity. A professional homeopath along with treatment also provides homeopathy tips for fitness which improves immunity and self healing process of the body in winter and cold weathers.

Fitness in Winter

Here are few benefits you receive due to exercising outside in this winter

  • By exercising outside you will get exposed to sunlight and also get your required dose of vitamin D.
  • People should drink more water while exercising as there is a risk of dehydration and by consuming more fluids and water you will stay hydrated.
  • Cold weather also affects our heart, but exercising in cold weathers improves your heart health by making your heart muscles strong.
  • While you work out in cold weather your body temperature also rise up and keeps you warm for longer periods and also provides soothing and calming effect to your mind and body
  • Exercising outside under sun helps to improve immunity and minimize the risk of bacterial and viral infections.
  • Exercising outside also helps you to eliminate seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and keeps you energetic by treating depression and anxiety.

Fitness Tips in Winter Season

Now we know the benefits of doing exercise in the winter season. Let us know about few fitness tips you should follow in this winter to avoid health illnesses. These winter tips for fitness help to keep you healthy, fit and strong.

  • Check the weather forecast– Check the weather forecast before going outside. Working out in extremely low temperatures can adversely affect your health and also skin.
  • Wear in layers– Rather than wearing one single heavy jacket, wear in layers. it helps you remove layers of winter wear when you start feeling warm.
  • Choose suitable fabrics– Choosing suitable and breathable fabrics is very important. Avoid usage of cotton fabrics as they easily become wet with sweat and stay wet for longer periods.
  • Start slow and steadily– Always start it slowly and do not rush to overdo it. You can warm up for few minutes indoor and then go outside. At beginning you start with half and then gradually increase the intensity and this also helps to improve heart health.
  • Use sunscreen– In winter also our skin gets affected with exposure to sun, so in order to protect your skin from sun burn, use sunscreen even in winters.
  • Protect yourself from frostbite– Immediately head back if you are cold. Do not ignore the symptoms like numbness, loss of sensation and stinging as they may be due to frostbite. Immediately move to warm location and consult your doctor if the symptoms remain.
  • Choose warmer routes and also workout in the evenings– When the weather is extremely cold in the mornings, shift your exercise or work out sessions to later hours or may be in the evenings. Also prefer warmer roots, avoid cold areas near water, trees and so on.