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All you need know about brain damaging habits

Nowadays, most of us are taking good care of our health and beauty. Learning and following new tips and healthy habits regularly to keep our body fit and improve our looks is actually a good thing. But what about our brain? What are the measures we are taking to boost brain health? what are the Habits which are harmful to brain?

Sadly, most of the people, even young generations are enduring symptoms like a headache, lack of concentration, forgetting things and getting tired easily. All these symptoms are caused due to reduced brain health. Yes, it is true, just like our body, our brain also needs extra care. Several factors like sleeplessness, skipping breakfast, excess sugar intake, too much usage of smartphones, an unhealthy diet and others are taking a negative stroll on our brain health and leading to the above symptoms.
Today, let us, in brief, discussion about a few habits which are harming our brain.

Habits which are harmful to brain

Our brain is the only organ which works constantly controlling each and every activity we do start from breathing to walking to holding and many others. With all these, our brain gets a little tired and on top of these, certain habits we practice regularly have a huge impact on our brain and can even damage its health.

Habits which are Harmful to Brain

Here I have mentioned a few terrible habits that gradually damages our brain health and lead to several cognitive disorders.

Not getting enough sleep

Minimum 6-8 hours of good night sleep is very essential for our body, especially for our brain. Our brain flushes out toxins during sleep and makes itself fit for our daily functions. Lack of sleep disrupts this mechanism and our brain fails to clean itself. This leads to memory problems and can even damage brain cells in long run. Lack of sleep also triggers the risk of several problems like Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and others.

Skipping Breakfast

A common mistake most of us do is skipping breakfast whatever might be the reason. Breakfast acts as the crucial meal of the day, it provides enough energy to our brain for its functioning. People who skip breakfast are more at risk of developing memory-related problems.

Smoking is one of  habit harmful to brain

Smoking not just causes cancer, but also damages our brain. Nicotine present in cigarette shrink the brain and diminishes mental abilities. Prolonged smoking increases your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Too much usage of Smartphones

Usage of smartphones have increased drastically and its negative affects also raised to its peaks. Talking on phones keeping it near your ears often can damage your brain. The radiation from your phone damages your brain cells and increases your risk of memory issues. You can use headphones or speaker to reduce the risk of radiation.

High consumption of sugar and junk foods

Excess consumption of sugars and other junk foods leads to accumulation of harmful substances in the body. These foods affect neurotrophic factor of the brain and cause cognitive decline. Too much intake of these foods leads to malnutrition and interfere with neurological development especially in children.

Lack of physical activity

Regular exercising not only keeps you healthy and fit but also improves your brain health. Regular exercise and thinking or intellectual conversations also stimulates the brain and improves its functioning.

Plugging in earphones with high volume

Listening to music plugging in earphones with high volume not only damages your ears but also harms your brain.

Along with the above habits, few others like dehydration, excess alcohol consumption, covering head completely while sleeping and others also negatively affect your brain health. Hence, in order to keep your brain healthy and improve its functioning one should control these above-mentioned habits.