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Drumsticks whose binomial name is Moringa oleifera are the most commonly used and well known vegetable with loads to proteins and minerals. Not just the drumsticks but the other parts of drumstick tree are also very useful and healthy like stem, seeds, leaves, flowers, root and others. Drumstick tree and its leaves are powerhouses of several healing properties and nutrients, they are used in traditional treatments from ages. Especially the drumstick leaves are very useful with many nutrient contents and provide several health benefits like aids in weight loss, protects from eye problems, improves immune system, prevents hair loss, fights anemia, treats arthritis, asthma and also acne problems.

Drumstick Leaves

Benefits of Drumstick Leaves

Small green coloured drumstick leaves are loaded with antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties along with several vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. Along with the above drumstick leaves contains all essential nutrients, amino acids, potassium, calcium and others which are very useful. Do you know drumstick leaves contain more calcium than milk and are very beneficial for bones. Consuming drumstick leaves improves overall health and helps in development. These drumstick leaves works efficiently for people with nutritional deficiencies. Drumstick leaves helps to strengthen body building blocks like muscles, nerves and bones. It treats several ailments naturally by improving immunity system and improves our body’s natural healing system. Health benefits of drumstick leaves are also supported by scientific research.

Here is the list of several health benefits of drumstick leaves

  • Improves vision and beneficial for eyes

Drumstick leaves are rich in vitamin A, which protects our eyes and improves vision. Drumstick leaves also helps to eliminate eye problems like cataracts and also eliminate eye sight issues. Vitamin A content in drumstick leaves is 4 times more than vitamin present in carrots.

  • Improves bone and teeth health

Drumstick leaves contain more calcium when compared to milk and these helps to strengthen bones and teeth. Calcium present in drumstick leaves also helps in bone formation. These leaves help in development of bones and teeth of the foetus if taken by conceived women. It is important to add these leaves in diet for better growth and development.

  • Improve functioning of nervous system

Drumstick leaves are rich in vitamin B which is beneficial for nervous system. Vitamin B present in drumstick leaves stimulates nervous system and improves its functioning. These leaves also play a crucial role in controlling disorders of nervous system like numbness or tingling in limbs and also treat several problems like migraine, headache, irritability and others.

  • Beneficial for heart

Drumstick leaves are beneficial for heart muscles and tissues. Potassium present in drumstick leaves improves heart functioning and the antioxidants present in drumstick leaves prevents heart diseases like heart inflammation. Including drumstick leaves in diet helps to prevent heart diseases.

  • Improves immune system

Drumstick leaves are rich in vitamin C and including drumstick leaves in diet once in a week helps to improve immune system. The content of vitamin C in drumstick leaves is seven times more than in oranges. Lack of immunity makes and more prone to several illnesses and drumstick leaves prevents such health issues by improving immunity. Immune system plays a crucial role in eliminating several health illnesses like cold, cough, flu, infections and allergies.

  • Rich in antioxidants

Drumstick leaves plays a crucial role in preventing cancer. Drumstick leaves are rich in antioxidants and amino acids which help to fight against free radicals. High level of antioxidants and amino acids prevents growth of cancer cells and hence prevents cancers. By controlling free radicals drumstick leaves also reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes especially type 2 diabetes.

  • Eliminates anemia

Drumstick leaves are rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C which help to prevent anemia. Drumstick leaves are very beneficial for conceived women and children as it is rich in iron and other essential nutrients. Intake of drumstick leaves regularly helps to prevent anemia condition.

  • Improves appetite

Amino acids present in drumstick leaves helps to improve appetite and also provide all essential nutrients to the body.

  • Controls sugar levels

Drumstick leaves are full of amino acids and fiber, these two helps to control sugar or glucose levels in body fluids and also improves secretion of insulin. People with diabetes should include drumstick leaves in diet to control sugar levels and increase pancreas secretion.

  • Aids in weight loss

Drumstick leaves are low in calories and high in fiber. Including drumstick leaves in diet regularly helps to lose some excess weight. Along with weight loss it also provides you with all the essential nutrients required and makes you feel healthy. These leaves also help to minimise water retention and bloating.

  • Eliminates constipation problems

Drumstick leaves are rich in dietary fiber, B complex vitamins, folic acid and others which are very essential for digestion. The vitamins present in these drumstick leaves helps to breakdown fats, proteins and carbohydrates. By improving digestion these leaves also helps to treat constipation problems.

  • Control asthma

Drumstick leaves are full of anti inflammatory properties. Drumstick leaves control asthma and its attacks by preventing inflammation of airways. Consuming drumstick leaves and its soup helps to treat asthma and its symptoms.

  • Improves lactation

Drumstick leaves are very beneficial to mothers as they enhance breast milk. Nursing mothers are especially suggested to include these leaves in diet as it improves milk production. Drumstick leaves are beneficial for both conceived women and nursing mothers.

  • Controls hypertension

Drumstick leaves contains mineral called potassium which helps to control hypertension. The potassium present in drumstick leaves helps to control heart muscle contractions which further help to control hypertension.

Along with these above health benefits, drumstick leaves also provide us with other benefits like preventing hair loss, treating acne, improves sperm count, improves memory, raises platelet counts, improves wound healing and also detoxifies your body. People can enjoy benefits of drumstick leaves by following few health tips of drumstick leaves like adding the leaves powder to the drinks like smoothie, tea and other beverages, taking it in moderate quantities and so on.