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Cycling is the simplest and efficient form of exercising. It is beneficial in many forms like, it aids in weight loss, improves brain health, controls joint pains, reduce anxiety and depression, improves cardiovascular health, lowers belly fat levels, strengthens immune system, beneficial for bones, control diabetes and so on. Cycling improves your overall health from inside and outside. Cycling is suitable and beneficial for all age groups from children to elders. Cycling for half an hour daily helps to keep you fit and strong. It is also cost effective, improves your health, environmental friendly and also is easy. Cycling is treated as a form of aerobic exercise which improves oxygen supply to different parts of the body. Cycling involves many muscles in your body and improves muscle health. Going for cycling regularly provides several benefits and it easily fits in your daily routine.

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling health benefits

In long run people can enjoy several cycling health benefits. Here is the list of few cycling benefits

  • Controls obesity

Cycling is one of the top ways for those who want to shed few extra Kg’s. Cycling helps to improve metabolic rate and burns body fat. Cycling builds muscle and improves your fitness. Obesity is a serious health concern develops when calorie intake is more than calories which our body burns through several activities. Cycling helps to burn more calories within less time and helps to control obesity by promoting weight loss.

  • Improves heart health

Cycling improves your heart health by strengthening heart muscles and reduces the risk of several heart problems like heart attack, stroke and high BP. It also helps to improve circulation and also functioning of heart and lungs. Cycling also helps to control crucial risk factors of heart problems like fat and cholesterol levels in your body.

  • Controls diabetes

Diabetes is the most commonly heard health concern and the number of people getting infected are increasing. Cycling helps to control diabetes especially type 2 diabetes. Cycling is one among the physical activities or exercises which uses more energy and helps to easily covert glucose in body into energy. Diabetes can also lead to several health problems like heart problems, skin problems, kidney disorders and others. People can reduce the risk of diabetes up to 40% by cycling regularly for 30 minutes and more.

  • Lowers joint pains

Cycling regularly helps to strengthen knee joints, hip joints and also improves leg muscles. Cycling regularly helps to get relief from joint pain and make your leg muscles and thigh muscles more flexible. Cycling also works very well in controlling arthritis. People suffering with arthritis are suggested to go for cycling. Cycling helps in both the ways i.e. to prevent arthritis and also to minimise arthritis problems. It also helps to reduce the risk of bone injuries.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

According to the study cycling reduce the risk of cancers up to 50%. Cycling especially reduce the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and bowel cancer. According to the study it is said that riders who go for 30 minutes regularly reduce their risk of cancers by half than who doesn’t.

  • Improves your sleep

Cycling helps you to get some quality sleep. Cycling makes you feel tired and improve your body circulation. Cycling by controlling stress and reducing anxiety helps to improve your sleep.

  • Improves brain health

Exercises especially cycling improve circulation to brain and treats dementia problems. Cycling helps in building new cells in the hippocampus region in the brain which is responsible for memory. By improving circulation and oxygen supply in your brain cycling helps to control Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Control stress

Cycling actually helps to control stress levels. It helps to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

  • Improves immune system

Exercises like cycling helps to improve immune system and self healing of the body. These exercises help to reduce the risk of infections, allergies and other seasonal illnesses.

  • Controls pollution

Air pollution has increased a lot and it is also increasing the risk of several health problems like respiratory problems and others. Cycling not just improves your health but also helps to control pollution in the environment.

  • Boost your mind and improve brain health

Cycling regularly helps to improve your mind and make you physically active. Getting out and riding bike on fresh air and sun helps to improve your mood and make you feel fresh and healthy. Exposure to sun also improves your health physically and mentally.

  • Cycling has low impact

Most of the people think that cycling has negative impacts on joints, but it’s not true and cycling is very low impact. Other exercises like running, jogging and others increase pressure on joints and they are weight bearing, where as cycling is not weight bearing. Cycling is safer than running.

  • Enjoy family time with cycling

Cycling with family and friends improves relations and also has some time to get along. Kids also learn from parents exercising choices and behaviours. Cycling with family members can help to improve health of family.

  • Cycling health tips

One can achieve full cycling uses by following few cycling health tips. These cycling health tips help to enjoy cycling without any problems and disturbances. One can avoid injuries and accidents by following these cycling health tips. Here are few health tips of cycling one should follow while riding bicycles.

  • Wear helmet and knee pads while going for cycling. This helps to avoid serious injuries if any unexpected and unfortunate accidents occur.
  • Avoid lose clothes and wear well fitted clothes, as lose fitting clothes may cause discomfort and also may get stuck in the cycling while peddling.
  • Practice stretching exercises before going for cycling.
  • You may lose water from body in the form of sweat, to avoid these drink lots of fluids.
  • Never use headphones or mobiles while cycling in the traffic areas
  • Follow traffic lights and signals on roads to avoid accidents.