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Brittle bones and bone pain are the conditions which we think are common among elder people, but now a day’s these are also becoming common among middle aged people due to low calcium and low bony mass. As we all know bones plays crucial role by supporting variety of functions in our body, hence improving bone health is very important. Let us in short know about our bone health, foods that are beneficial for our bones and also about few tips like exercises and running tips to make our bones stronger.

Bone Health

Bone health

Generally our body builds up bones until the age of 30, as we get older our body’s bone building balance decrease and leads to weak and fragile bones. Building strong bones in childhood or early stages helps to avoid the risk of brittle bones and several bone diseases in later stages. People with weak bones or less bony mass are more susceptible to develop a bone diseases called osteoporosis where your bones keep thinning overtime. There are more than 200 bones in our body and keeping them healthy is very important as they allow us to do several functions like walking, holding and so on. They also protect different body organs like brain, heart, liver and others. Few people tend to have strong bones due to factors like genetics, diet and also due to the fact how they have managed their bones in the earlier ages. Others, no need to worry, luckily we can also improve our bone health by doing several things like exercises, intake of calcium rich foods and so on.

Bone health foods

Food and your diet works as building blocks for your bones. You can improve your bone health through your food. When we think of bones, the first thing that comes in mind is calcium. Yes, calcium is the most important mineral for development of your bones and also for your teeth and we can also get it from several foods. As adults we need to take 1000 mg of calcium per day and women are more at risk of osteoporosis and hence they need to have 1000-1200 mg calcium per day. Apart from calcium, there is another important thing you need and that is vitamin D, it helps our body to absorb calcium from the food we eat.

How to increase bone calcium? This would be the main question among many people. For all those people here is the list of healthy foods for your bones

  • From childhood we are always taught about the benefits of drinking milk for strong bones.
  • Along with milk, milk products like yogurt, cheese and others are also beneficial for our bones.
  • Green leafy veggies like broccoli, okra, cabbage, turnip greens and collard greens are also advised for bones.
  • Orange juice is also advised for bones
  • Soya beans, nuts, cereals and soya milk are also very beneficial for bones
  • You can also have fish and eggs for your bone health

How to make bones stronger

Along with food, one needs to follow few tips to improve their bone health like

  • Going for regular exercises like walking, running, dancing and other weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises improves your bone strength
  • Quit smoking and also control your excess intake of alcohol.
  • Learn about your personal risks like hereditary, family history of osteoporosis and so on.
  • Maintain your body weight and avoid excess weight to decrease the pressure on bones.