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Homeopathy VS Allopathy

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Homeopathy is based on the idea Like Cures Like i.e. a substance that is efficient of producing disease in a healthy person will cure similar symptoms present in sick person. Where as in Allopathy a disease is treated by standard means i.e. with substances or remedies that are having opposite effects to the symptoms. Both Homeopathy and Allopathy are invented by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy a system of alternative treatment or natural treatment where as allopathy is treated as western treatment or evidence based treatment. Homeopathy treatment aims to cure the root cause of the problem where as allopathy gives only partial cure i.e. it cures only the infection or disease but not the cause.

Homeopathy treatment supports body’s natural response and symptoms of attacking the root cause, whereas allopathy attacks symptoms of healing or body’s natural response. Homeopathy treatments have no side effects as it is made of natural substances but allopathy treatment has some mild side effects like fatigue, constipation, dizziness and others. Homeopathy treatment is not addictive as they are made from plant and other natural substances whereas allopathy treatment can become addictive.

Allopathy treatment is considered to be fast and gives quick relief whereas homeopathy treatment takes little time as it aims to treat the root cause of the problem forever. Homeopathy is considered to be best in case of treating and controlling hair fall but allopathy is less effective when compared to homeopathy in treating hair and scalp problems like hair fall, scalp infections and more.

Homeopathy treats the patients based on or according to the symptoms of the patient and allopathy treats according to the disease. Both homeopathy treatment and allopathy treatment act treat and has quite opposite approach. Homeopathy mainly focuses on improving body’s immune system to make it strong to resist different diseases whereas allopathy focuses on identifying a disease or infection and cures it with selected remedy. Homeopathy is a holistic approach that improves overall wellbeing of individual. Allopathy focuses on treating only illness with pills, they only focus on illness but not causes.

Homeopathy treatment is offered based on individual need depending on the symptoms as each individual have different symptoms and the treatment is different from person to person. Allopathy offers same treatment to the individuals depending on the disease like flu and fever as it has no individualization like homeopathy. Allopathy uses chemicals and antibiotics in the treatment to get fast results whereas homeopathy uses natural substances extracted from plants, vegetables, minerals and animal based in the treatment.

Both homeopathy and allopathy are effective in treating individuals but they differ in end goal. Homeopathy offers treatment for overall improvement, wellbeing of individuals and with a goal to improve immune system. Whereas allopathy treatment mainly focus on treating the illness but not overall development. Even though both are efficient allopathic treatment is quicker than homeopathy but has some side effects whereas homeopathy takes some time to improve overall wellbeing and immune system of individuals. Homeopathy is safe and has no side effects when compared to allopathy.


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