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With the arrival of winter it may lead to several health problems. In winter days are short and nights are longer with cold breeze and low temperatures. The cold weather in winter brings on several health problems like cold, flu, cough, runny nose, strep throat, skin and dandruff problems along with several other health problems. All age groups get adversely affected with winter and its cold weathers. Especially children and elders face lot of difficulties during winter season as they usually have low immunity. Winter increases the risk of several illnesses like cold, asthma, pneumonia, congestion, bacterial and viral infections among children. Elders face several problems like asthma attacks, joint pains, psoriasis, heart problems, lack of physical activity due to cold weathers and so on. The cold and dry weathers also increase the risk of several skin and scalp problems. Along with the above winter also triggers seasonal affective disorders, depression and anxiety.

Safety Tips in Winter

Winter and cold weathers triggers the risk of asthma attacks in asthmatics. Due to the cold weathers and breeze, the airways or bronchial tubes gets inflamed and lead to breathing problems and increase the risk of sudden attack. Winter make us lazy and most of the people stay indoors and this leads to lack of exposure to sunlight and causes vitamin D deficiency which again increase the risk of several health issues. In winters due to cold breeze people drink very less quantity of water which causes dehydration and several skin and scalp problems. This dehydration along with dry air and low temperatures makes your skin dry and increase the risk of skin disorders like psoriasis. The above factors also increase the risk of dry scalp, dandruff and flakes on scalp.

Winters also increase the risk of allergies, this is because people in winters try to stay indoors which increase their risk of contact with several allergens. Contact with allergens like dust, pollen, animal dander, smoke worsens the symptoms of allergies. Cold weathers, lack of physical activities, staying indoors, lack of exposure to sun and other factors increases stress and leads to few psychological problems.

Safety Tips in winter

To stay healthy and happy in this winter one should follow health tips in winter along with making few life style changes i.e. from diet, exercising to wearing warm clothes and so on. Here are few health tips for winter season

  • Eat healthy, include fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in diet to improve immunity and eliminate several illnesses. Give diet rich in fibres, proteins and nutrients to your kids to keep them healthy in winter.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to avoid problems like dehydration, dry skin, dry scalp, dandruff and others.
  • Drink hot soups, warm water and warm food, these helps to treat congestion problems and also provides relief asthma symptoms. Drink warm water daily especially early in the morning, this keeps cold, cough, sneezing, flu and other seasonal illnesses away.
  • Dress up in layers, this helps to control the coldness and also when you feel hot you can actually remove the jackets.
  • Do not skip your exercises. If the weather is too cold, exercise indoors and you can change your timings and go for exercising on hot hours of day.
  • Always practice warm up exercises before starting your exercises.
  • Do not use hot water for bathing instead use warm water. Bathing or staying in warm water for longer periods makes you feel better in cold weather but it makes your skin and scalp more dry.
  • In winters due to cold weather children easily get irritated and cry. Dress them up in warm clothes.
  • Maintain distance from infected people to stay healthy and avoid infections.
  • Adjust the room temperatures and keep your room warm, especially people with asthma should take extra care as they have difficult times during nights and early mornings due to cold weather.
  • Use air purifiers to keep your house clean and avoid allergies especially when you are indoors due to cold weathers.
  • Keep your pets away from your bedroom to avoid contact with pet dander and allergies.
  • Carry emergency kit to avoid complications like asthmatics should always carry their inhalers.
  • Maintain hygiene and wash your hands frequently to avoid infections and allergies and also teach your kids about importance of hygiene.
  • Massage your hair with hot oil to avoid dandruff problems in this winter.
  • Go out during late hours and get some vitamin D, this helps to control seasonal affective disorders and depression.
  • Apply moisturisers to your skin and scalp to avoid dryness and to keep it hydrated. Symptoms of psoriasis worsen when the skin become dry, to avoid this people should keep their skin moist.
  • Use humidifiers rather than heaters to keep your skin and scalp moisturized.
  • Get your flu vaccines and other allergy treatments on time in this winter to avoid problems.
  • Use sunscreens to save your skin from winter sun.
  • Quit smoking as it triggers asthma symptoms and also makes your skin and scalp dry.
  • Do not wear wet clothes in winter as they may lead to itching and also makes you feel cold by transmitting the cold.
  • Get enough sleep in this winter to avoid stress and winter blues.
  • Most of the people feel low during winters due to cold weather, staying indoors for long periods, lack of sunlight and so on in order to get away from these go around and walk on hot hours of the day, spend time with family and friends.

Homeopathy for Winter Affects

Homeopathy is a natural and holistic way of treating, it works very well in treating several health problems of winter season. Homeopathy mainly improves immunity and self healing of the body and eliminates the risk of common winter problems like cold, cough, flu and other illnesses. A professional homeopath also provides few safety tips in winter regarding diet, baby care and others which helps to minimise the winter effects and keeps you and your family strong and healthy.