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Pollution and dust problems impact in body

Pollution and dust are the major concern that is affecting the human and other living beings. Contamination of environment is termed as pollution. Main forms of pollution are Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, sound pollution and dust pollution. Industrial gases and wastes, mining, constructions, tobacco, smoking, vehicles smoke and horns, are main causes of pollution. Pollution and Dust affects people of all age groups and small children and elder people are at increased risk of several health illnesses. Inhaling pollution and dust particles leads to several lung, heart and respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis and many more. Consuming or drinking polluted water can lead to many serious health issues and also causes death. Pollution and dust affects growth and development of young children. Inhaling dust particles causes problems like coughing, sneezing, congestion, irritation in eyes and fever and many more. Pollution not only affects our health but also affects our Skin and Hair. High exposure to pollution, dust and chemicals leads to increased premature Death rates, Heat Attacks, Abnormal Heart Beat, Hypertension and reduced lung functioning.

Protect your health from pollution

Tips to overcome pollution and dust problems

By following some tips in daily activities we can control types of man made pollution and dust, they are

  • Conserve energy by switching off lights and fans when not in use
  • Avoid using own vehicle for every work, instead use public transport and car pooling.
  • Go by walk or cycling to short distances.
  • Keep vehicles in good condition in order to avoid high pollution
  • Do not burn leaves or other waste materials instead compost them.
  • Do no throw old items, reuse them or recycle them
  • Use gas logs instead of wood to reduce smoke and dust
  • Grow more trees in order to keep air fresh.
  • Control noise or sound pollution
  • Quit smoking to control pollution and health illnesses

Protecting health from pollution and dust problems

Eliminating exposure to pollution is the utmost way to avoid health issues. Following few preventive measures and tips for pollution and dust problems helps to reduce health issues caused due to pollution and dust.

  • Wearing a scarf or covering nose and mouth with a hand kerchief helps to reduce exposure to pollution and dust
  • Using air purifiers in home controls dust and pollution
  • Grow more trees and living near greenery helps to get rid of pollution
  • Avoid going outdoors when pollution levels are high i.e. in the afternoons, plan your activities in the mornings or evenings.
  • Using less energy at home helps to improve air quality
  • Avoid smoking to control pollution and health
  • Add fresh fruits and vegetables in diet to improve immunity and avoid health issues like allergies.

Homeopathy tips for pollution and dust problems

Homeopathy is a natural holistic treatment which treats a person as whole. Homeopathy provides pollution and dust problems tips in order to control health problems arising due to pollution by improving immunity and self healing process. Homeopathy for pollution and dust problems is very effective when compared to other methods. Homeopathic remedies for pollution and dust problems are made of natural substances extracted from plants, vegetables and minerals. Homeopathy provides health tips to overcome pollution and dust problems like Asthma Disorders, Bronchitis, Lung Disorders and many more. Homeopathy provides diet and exercise tips to improve overall well being of individuals.