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Stay healthy by making these changes to your lifestyle

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Change in your habits to stay healthy

Today’s modern choices, to put it simply unhealthy choices we have an adverse influence on our health and lead to many life-shortening illnesses like diabetes, obesity, high BP, heart diseases like stroke and so on. Hence, being stay healthy is very crucial.

Well, most of us are very well aware of these serious health complications due to our unhealthy and busy lifestyle. In order to eliminate the risk of these health issues and improve overall wellbeing, a lot of people plan and list out healthy habits, but unfortunately, face difficulties and have a hard time sticking around those longlisted new habits.

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If you are one among them, who have a hard time following those new habits, here we have come up with a simple yet effective lifestyle change plan which surely will surprise you with its results.

Simple lifestyle changes with big health benefits to stay healthy

Below are few lifestyle changes for better health, follow these small changes to improve health

Stay healthy by making these changes to your lifestyle

Start and end your day with water

Make water your best friend, start and end your day with water. Wherever you go carry your own water bottle and keep yourself hydrated. Water plays a crucial role in keeping our body, skin, and hair healthy. Water actually helps to regulate our body temperature, flush out toxins, controls high BP, aids in weight loss and also boosts the immune system. If possible drink hot water especially in the mornings on empty stomach.

Eat healthy food in small plates to stay healthy

Eat healthily and say “No” to processed foods. Fill half of your plate with fresh veggies and do not forget to replace unhealthy munching and evening snacking with fresh fruits. Always eat on a small plate, this makes you cut the intake of excess food unknowingly. Most of all put your food away from you when you are done serving yourself and chew your food properly which gives you a sense of fullness.

Exercise regularly hmm? I would say stay active, get up and get moving whenever you have little time
Are you setting a particular time for exercising? Many people do that and fail to follow in the long run. If you think you can stick to your plan then it’s absolutely fine, but if you are not a person who can stick around then, follow these simple things. Get up and take a short walk whenever you have a little break. Stretch your body frequently I’d say rather more frequently while sitting in your chair and before going to breaks. Take stairs instead of the lift, pass on your message to your colleagues by walking near to their desk instead of calling them. Stretch for 10 to 15 minutes before going to sleep and do not forget to do the same in the morning.

Take a cold shower

Interestingly, taking cold showers actually aids in weight loss. Yes, you can burn little fat without any exercises by simply taking cold showers. Your body burns more calories to warm up your body after a cold shower. Follow this only when you are in a good health condition.

Get enough good night sleep

Getting 7-8 hours of good night sleep is very important for everyone. Sleep actually boosts our exhausted body and mind and also keeps you ready for next day tasks. Lack of sleep increases your risk of several chronic health issues like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, depression and so on.

Drink healthy

Instead of sodas, coffee and other unhealthy beverages, opt for black coffee, green tea, and herbal tea. Cut unnecessary calories by making this slight change.

Along with the above lifestyle change plan, always think positive about yourself, keep an idol or role model to inspire yourself, spend some more time with your love and friends to boost yourself and most of all do not forget to reward yourself when you notice little change and when you do your job well. Follow these simple changes regularly and stay healthy and happy.


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