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Winter’s cold wind and dry air are here, challenging our skin health. Harsh cold weather in winter leads to dry, flaky, red, and inflamed skin. With a change in season comes a set of skin concerns like skin rashes. Now you must be wondering how to take care of your skin and maintain healthy skin this winter.

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Below I have listed a few essential winter tips by following which one can enjoy moisturized and glowing skin.

Top 8 skincare tips

  1. Moisturize your skin frequently– One of the most important steps one needs to follow in winter is moisturizing the skin. Frequently moisturize your skin as it keeps the skin moist and locks natural oils of the skin. Wherever you go, carry your moisturizer and pamper your skin regularly, like soon after washing or bathing. Not just your face, also look after your hands. Constant washing, doing household chores can make your hands dry and rough during the winters. Hence, apply a hand cream to keep it smooth and gentle.
  2. Stay Hydrated– During winters, people drink less water or try to avoid water sometimes due to cold weather. Dehydration can affect our skin and make our skin dull. Stay well hydrated to enjoy healthy and glowing skin this winter.
  3. Avoid long hot showers– Nothing seems more tempting than taking hot showers during winters. But the fact is longer hot showers tend to dry our skin. Instead, you can go for a lukewarm shower and pamper your skin with a good moisturizer soon after your shower.
  4. Get Humidifier– Add moisture into the air in your room by using a humidifier. This helps to keep your skin moist and hydrated and prevent skin dryness.
  5. Do not forget your sunscreen– Be it summer or winter, applying sunscreen is very important to protect our skin from harmful UV. Before you go out into the sun, apply sunscreen after applying your moisturizer.
  6. Consider overnight treatment– prevent dryness by revitalizing your skin at night. Wake up with smooth, supple skin the following day by deep moisturizing it during 7-8 hours of good night’s sleep.
  7. Cover up with comfortable clothing– During winter, we generally wear Woollen clothes, this further causes dry and itchy skin. Skin experts advise avoiding direct skin contact with rough clothing. You can wear light layered soft material clothes inside and then wear the sweaters on top. Do not forget to cover yourselves well with a scarf, gloves, socks, and sweaters. Do not wear wet clothes, especially during winters, as they further irritate the skin and lead to itchiness.
  8. Eat right– As we all know, our skin health and diet are interconnected. Add lots of fruits, veggies, juices, and greens to your diet to improve your skin health and deal with dry skin. Prepare your favorite list of fruits and vegetables to eat in winter and improve immunity.

Note: Be safe and enjoy this winter by following the main safety tips in winter. Also, learn how to deal with oily skin in winter.

Follow the skincare mentioned above to enjoy a soft, smooth, moisturized, and glowing complexion.