Health Tips Mangosteen

5 Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a purple fruit whose scientific name is garcinia mangostana, it belongs to the family of clusiaceae of the genus garcinia. Mangosteen is a native to Sunda Islands and Moluccas of Indonesia. It is also cultivated in Thailand, Burma, India, Vietnam, Africa and South America since many years. Mangosteen is the national fruit of Thailand. Mangosteen is often admired as the queen of tropical fruits because of its unique appearance and flavour. This fruit has deep reddish or purple colour rind, inside it is the fragrant white edible flesh that surrounds seed. Edible flesh inside the fruit is segmented like oranges and each segment contains seeds. It has a delicate texture, it is slightly sweet and tangy, juicy and has a soft fragrance.

The fruit, its juice, rind, twig, and bark are used in some remedies. This fruit has a number of health enhancing properties. Some health practitioners say that Mangosteen provides huge health benefits for every organ system in our body and it is the most successful food supplement.

Nutritional facts of Mangosteen :

Mangosteen is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Mangosteen is high in water content, energy, protein, fibre and carbohydrates. Mangosteen is low in calories and has no fats and no cholesterol. Mangosteen is a rich source of vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins are very essential for the growth and proper functioning of the body, they act as antioxidants. Minerals like copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and calcium are present in mangosteen. It is also a mild source of B complex vitamins like thiamine, niacin, folates, pantothenic acid, folic acid and carotene. These minerals are very important and help to control BP, heart rate and protect against heart diseases. Mangosteen contains xanthones, which are natural chemical compounds and acts as natural healing compounds.

Health benefits of Mangosteen :

Mangosteen has a number of health benefits and it is used in traditional remedies. Here is the list of some mangosteen health benefits
Improves immune system– mangosteen is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are very beneficial to give protection against many diseases. Antioxidant compound in mangosteen boosts immune system.
Anti cancer properties– mangosteen contains xanthones compound, this compound is very good source to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Nutrients present in mangosteen protect our body from cancer.
Proper growth– mangosteen contains important mineral called copper which is required for growth and development of the body.
Anti inflammatory properties– mangosteen has anti inflammatory and anti allergy properties which treat the development of heart diseases and diabetes.
Good for skin– mangosteen has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties that control the risk of various skin problems like Acne, skin aging, allergies and other problems like oily skin, dry skin and skin blemishes.
Some other mangosteen health benefits are it improves digestion, lowers sugar, control cholesterol, treats tuberculosis, treats Alzheimer’s, menstrual problems and treat gum diseases.