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Menstruation is a common situation which is unique to girls. Menstruation or menstrual problems are a natural part of reproductive system cycle and it is one of the sign of beginning of puberty in them. Menstruation is always surrounded by taboos and cultural myths from ages. Different cultures have different views and approach towards menstruation. Several cultures exclude menstruating women from many works or deeds of socio cultural life. It is distinguished as unclean, awkward and shameful. During menstruation women is not allowed to enter kitchen, temples and important rituals and they also make changes in her diet. These believe and taboos have severe impact on female health, mentality, lifestyle and self confidence. This taboos increases stress and also leads to depression. She is isolated from her family members and even from her daily activities as she is treated as impure. It is even restricted to talk about menstruation with others.

Even in this modern period, in some societies women are restricted to do their regular duties simply as they are menstruating. They are not allowed to touch preserved food like pickles in periods as they think that they get contaminated. In some areas women are asked to follow strict diet, they are not allowed to eat pickles, tamarind, curd and spicy food as it is believed that these foods will disturb menstruation. In a country like India where goddesses are worshiped, women are not allowed to do their daily routines and are isolated because they are menstruating. It is frustrating that it is not just followed in rural regions but in well educated and developed areas also.
It is very important to put an end to menstruation taboos as they have severe affect on women’s or girl’s physical and mental health. Process of menstruation is as common as walking, sleeping and our daily routines. There is no human race without it as it is a part of reproductive system. It is very frustrating that most of us feel shameful and are unwilling to talk about it. Menstruation is a reality and most of the women and girls face difficulties and challenges to manage their periods. Many girls and women skip schools and work as it is uncomfortable and embarrassed. Menstruation taboos have its impact not only on physical health but also on mental, emotional and total well being. It is essential to break silence about menstruation to stop these taboos and to reach equality as it is a regular process for women.
Menstruation is a natural phenomenon and increased taboos and misconception puts women’s health at risk. Women should take care of her during menstruation to stay away from diseases and infections. It is important to take healthy diet to be healthy. Women or girls need to discuss her problems, pains and discomforts during menstruation to avoid health complications in future. It is necessary to put end to menstruation taboos to let girls talk freely about her condition with her family and to spread awareness about importance of sanitary pads to avoid infections, diseases and to improve overall well being.