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Does sugar cause wrinkles and accelerate aging of your skin? 

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Does sugar cause wrinkles and accelerate the ageing of your skin? 

Do you have a sweet tooth and crave sugary foods? Then stop for a while before relishing them. As sugar can be extremely damaging to your lovely skin. Sugar cause wrinkles. In fact, not just the skin, sugar is harmful to our overall health too.

What we eat have a severe impact on our health and beauty. Do you know, sugar is in everything we consume. Starting with the natural sugar present in fruits and veggies to added sugar in sweets, cakes, beverages, biscuits and so on.

How does sugar damage our skin?

Sugar is the natural enemy of collagen and increases our risk of wrinkles and skin sagging. Let us know how it damages our skin

1. Glycation for sugar cause wrinkles

However, when we consume sugar, the digested sugar molecules get attached to the collagen fibres. This condition is referred to as glycation. Therefore, during this glycation, a toxic compound called Advanced Glycation End Product (AGEs) is produced. In the long run, more AGEs get accumulated and damage the protein. But, excess AGEs makes the collagen and elastin stiff, dry and brittle and also triggers other problems like acne.

2. Inflammation for sugar cause wrinkles

Although, carbohydrates which we consume breaks down into glucose. Excess glucose levels can trigger the risk of inflammation. The enzymes produced during the inflammation damage both elastin and collagen and lead to skin sagging and wrinkles.

3. Radical damage for sugar cause wrinkles

AGEs do not just damage skin essential protein. In fact, it also deactivates our body’s natural antioxidant enzymes. Lack of these enzymes makes our skin more prone to free radical damage caused due to pollution, UV rays and so on.

How to know that sugar is ageing your skin

Below are a few signs which indicate that sugar is ageing your skin

  • Discoloration or hyperpigmentation
  • The surface of your skin feels hard
  • The appearance of deep crevices
  • Notice deep crosshatch lines along your lip
  • Saggy skin

Corrective measures to prevent visible signs of sugar damage

It is never too late, you can still prevent the visible signs of sugar damage by following few preventive and corrective measures like

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Although, have a healthy diet rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamin B1 and B6. Incorporate foods like spinach, green peas, sesame seeds, beans, nuts and lean protein.
  • Avoid foods with high glycemic value and saturated fats and most importantly cut back on sugars
  • Get enough sleep
  • Control your stress and be physically active


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